4 Travel Tips for Your First Trip to Turkey

You are looking forward to a trip to Turkey but there are so many uncertain. Don't worry because we understand what problems you are having. Here is some useful information about Turkey you need to know to make your trip to this wonderful country entirely worth your money. 


What is the best time to visit Turkey? 

Turkey may not be beautiful and friendly all year round. There are several months when the climate could be extreme, too hot, too rainy or too cold. You should find the most suitable time so that you can truly enjoy the trip. 

Season and weather 

Turkey is always found most beautiful in Spring and Autumn. You can visit the country anytime during these two seasons. 

Through spring, the temperature is often mild and pleasant. As a result, the country stays relatively dry in this season. It is definitely comfortable and enjoyable to go cycling and trekking and explore the beautiful mosques as well as ancient sites.

April, May, September, and November are considered the best times to visit Turkey. 


Autumn in Turkey


However, if you are a snow lover, you may find winters in Turkey extremely fun and magical. The snowy landscapes are breath-taking and enchanting to watch.

Besides Spring and Autumn, Winter is also considerable as this is when most people have free time to travel around. 




Festivals and Events

Sun Splash Festival 

Being held in Bodrum every year, this festival which began in 2009 showcases international jazz, soul, funk, electronics and various kinds of music. Artist of previous years includes Gilles Peterson.


Sun Splash Festival


Moreover, Bodrum is a coastal city so you can enjoy a sunny beach break while joining the spectacular festival.  

International Sand Sculpture Festival

Participating in this fest, you will have a chance to behold hundreds of sand sculptures created by sculptors all around the world. The festival takes place in Lara Beach, Antalya and is one of the largest sand events on the planet.

The theme of the International Sand Sculpture changes annually, from World Wonders to Hollywood films. 



Istanbul Film Festival 

This ten-day event celebrates the best national and international films and rewarding for outstanding films. This Turkish biggest film event takes place in April every year. 


Istanbul Film Festival


Use public transport across Turkey

Using public transports can save you a fortune. If you want to spare your money for foods or entertainment activities, you should consider public transports. 


Major town and cities in Turkey are equipped with modern bus network with excellent services and they are well connected so you don’t have to worry about transporting across the surrounding cities.


Bus Turkey


You will be provided free Wi-Fi, restroom breaks, snacks and beverages during the bus journey. All you need is booking a bus online or showing up at the bus terminal. 

Tram and Metro

It is quite easy to get access to trams and metro. Particularly with Turkey’s metro system, you will find it convenient to reach shopping centers and food centers with trams and metros in Istanbul. Plus, the price is pretty cheap, about 6 Turkish Liras/card.

However, at late night, you should take a cab because public transports are not operating at night. 


Enjoy Turkish cuisines

Undoubtedly, the best part of Turkey is gorgeous food. It would be a miss if you don’t try these delicious foods during your trip. 


This is Turkish meat which is served in many different ways. 




Ayran (Salty Yogurt drink)

You should try this while enjoying kebab or kofte. This drink is believed to refresh your taste to your palette. 




Being the ultimate dessert of the Turks, Baklava is well-known around the world. You will definitely come back for more after trying this crunchy, nutty, sweet pastry. 


Baklava Turkey



Get a visa to Turkey 

Make sure that you have a valid visa and passport to travel to Turkey. 

Good news! Turkey now offers eVisa for non-Turkish travelers. And it only takes 15 minutes to get it.

You can apply for your eVisa with our service. There are several benefits you can get using our service. With only 3 simple steps, you can get your eVisa via your email. 


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