7 Best Beaches of Turkey

Summer is coming. Some people find it very interesting and joyful to spend a few summer days at the beach, enjoy the sunny atmosphere, have fun with families and friends, have fancy seafood dinners, put on those summer outfits. If you are in search for a perfect beach trip, you should obviously take a trip to Turkey to visit one of these seven best beaches. 



Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Down in the foothills of the beautiful Alanya castle is the breath-taking Cleopatra beach. The soft, white stretches of sand of the beach here are believed to be brought by Cleopatra herself.

You may find it relaxed and eccentric at the same time while enjoying swimming in the sea here. It is said that the experience is like a travel back in time. 

Though this part of the Mediterranean is calm enough for swimming and diving activities, the waves are big enough to make the experience more fun. 



Konyaalti Beach, Antalya 

One of the best two stretches of sand in Antalya, Konyaalti Beach is situated to the west of the historical port city. 

The beach comprises of several entertainments: nightclubs, bars, restaurants, waterpark… which will satisfy any visitors. 

As one of the most popular beaches in the city of Antalya, the beach provides life guard services, changing rooms, toilet and showers. This help your trips with families become much easier. 



Kaputas Beach 

Kaputas Beach has a clear and calm water, which is very suitable for children for children to swim and have sporty activities at the Beach. 

Near the Kaputas Beach, Kalkan harbor provides a number of restaurants and bars.

The best time might be at the sunset, when you enjoy your dinner by the beach, watching yachts and docks return to the dock after a hard-working day. 



Cirali Beach 

If you are looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet, Cirali Beach is the perfect spot for you. The place is totally unspoiled. The reason for this is that this beach is not an easiest place to reach. 

You can both enjoy a swim and take a peaceful stroll along the beach to chill yourself. 

To the west of the beach are the ruins of Olympus. If you are a climbing enthusiast, you can totally hike up Mount Olympus. 




Well known as Blue Lagoon, the beach is a place where people come to unwind in the tranquil water. If you are lucky enough, you may spot a turtle. 

Here, you can easily hire a paddleboard and make a trip across the water to get the unique views of the small islands and yachts in the surrounding areas. 



The beautiful view of the beach attracts a great number of tourists, especially in high seasons. So if you want to fully discover the wild beauty of the place, you should consider traveling a bit early. 


Iztuzu Beach 

Nicknamed Turtle Beach, Iztuzu is one of the most important beaches in Turkey for turtle conservation. The beach possesses a stunning landscape, with long juts of sand.



You will find swimming in the shallow of the crystal clear and warm water then drying off on the sun-lounges along the beach. 

You can hire a boat to take you to the discovery of the magical coastal area along the reeds and ancient sites. 


Patara Beach 

Patara is Turkey’s longest beach. Due to the lack of development and industrialization in the area, the beach has a wild, untouched beauty and it is also reserving the Loggerhead turtles



Patara does not have fancy beach bars or sun-loungers. Traveling here, you will be given a chance to appreciate the unique, true beauty of natural Turkey. 

Finally, spend some time to learn about the history can ecological importance of the beach and surrounding areas. 



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