Butterfly Valley in Turkey

Butterfly Valley is home to diverse butterfly species and plants. It is the most picturesque and amazing large canyon in Turkey. Also known as Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish, the valley is an example of the beautiful result of Mother Nature’s work. 



Reaching Butterfly Valley 

The valley is situated at the foothill at Babadağ, a mountain near Fethiye, in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey – an area well known for its glorious beaches, dramatic cliffs, mountain and laid-back ambience. 

For a lot of people, this area is attractive because of luxurious restaurants, shops, swimming pools and stylish villas. However, for those who are looking for something a little more stripped back, connected to nature and away from the crowds, the Butterfly Valley is the ultimate decision. 



This wild, untouched valley is so cut off from the rest of the world that there are only two routes in: by foot or by boat. Most travelers choose to get into the valley through a sea route. This is a perfect chance to snap brilliant pictures of the place. 

If you choose to travel by sea, you can go by Butterfly Valley Ferry. The prices for this transportation are quite reasonable. 



Staying in Butterfly Valley

Though the place is not the top tourist attraction due to its distant location, this valley is well facilitated with accommodations and restaurants for visitors. With the motto: "We are one, we are all", every tourism activity at this place is very enviromentally friendly. 


Accommodation in Butterfly Valley is run by Anatolia Tourism Development Cooperative, in line with a strong mission to protect this spectacular natural habitat. 

The Cooperative is determined not to allow mass tourism to damage the flora and fauna here. As a result of this protection, rooms here are very basic, made of simple wooden huts and shared washing facilities and they use little electricity. 

However, those wooden huts are not the only choice for you in this place. If you are not into this type of accommodation, you can easily rent a tent from the friendly staff who run the shack-bar or simply sleep on the beach under the stars. 



Restaurants and Refreshments

Breakfast and lunch are included in the cost of the stay, and snacks can be purchased thorough the day. Food is served all together on long tables and benches, creating a family atmosphere. Delicious Turkish meals are served, guaranteeing to leave you satisfied. 



Things to do at Butterfly Valley 

The signature of butterfly valley is definetly its huge number of butterfly species and the beautiful natural wonders of the area. Immerse yourself in nature and wander off the beaten tracks with these activities around the valley. 

Chasing Butterflies in Fethiye

Obviously, the valley takes its name from the large number of butterfly species found here. Rich in fauna and flora, this place is home to 105 butterfly species from 15 families’ native to the valley. The valley’s climate is mixed between windy and sunny climate thanks to the location of the area, creating a fertile micro-climate that has allowed rare species, such as Jersey Tiger, to breed here. 



The increase in boat traffic has scared some creatures away, driving them up the valley. The best time for butterfly spotting is first thing in the morning, when there is no noise from boats and other vehicles. You should be still and silent in order to catch a glimpse of these creatures because they are very sensitive to noise. 

If you are having trouble finding the butterflies, check out the butterfly cave, next to the waterfall, where you can see a large number of these beautiful butterflies’ refuge. 



Chasing Waterfall

Waterfalls are the second main attraction of Butterfly Valley, and most visitors like to spend a day climbing up and down the cliffs to get a chance to see the spectacular view.



Keep in mind that the trials can be very slippery, so you need to prepare sturdy shoes and protective outfits. 



In case you are not confident enough, you can always ask for help from guides at the beach to show you the best paths and easy routes.


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