Endless Things to See and Do in Alanya

Alanya is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province on the southern coast of Turkey. The coastal city offers a unique mix of relaxation, history and adventure. The heart of the city lies on a 13th century castle next to an ambient beach. 



Seeing the Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is also known as Alanya Kalesi, which is a medieval castle situated on the top of a hill in Alanya. The castle was built in the Seljuk era. Wrapped in 6.5 km of walls, the castle has a wonderful view across the city and Cilician mountains. On the top of the castle are plentiful ruins and the shell of an 11th century Byzantine church.



At night, the walls are lighted up and you can admire the beautiful scene of the castle. Although it costs you around $4 to enter and wander around, the views from the top are satisfying and worth the money. 



Visiting the Damlatas Cave

The Damlatas Cave is located west of Alanya Castle on the Coast of Mediterranean Sea in the urban fabric of Alanya and the cave’s entrance faces the beach. The cave was discovered accidentally during mining operations in 1948. Damlatas Cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites that are formed in fifteen thousand years. 



Damlatas Cave is not only famous for its beauty but also known as an “asthma-cure carve” due to the popular belief in its ability to cure respiratory illnesses. In fact, most of visitors coming to this cave are suffering from asthma and the entrance fee for them is relatively cheaper. 


Admiring the Red Tower

Red Tower is an important symbol of Alanya. It was built in Seljuk architectural style and added significant values to the city. Built in 1226, The Red Tower was constructed with stones, bricks and marbles obtained from ancient buildings of Alanya area. The tower has five stories and 85 stairs lead to its top. 

At the beginning, this tower was built as an essential element of Alanya defenses. For centuries afterwards, the building was used solely for military purposes. But in the 20th century it was transformed into one of the tourist attractions in Alanya. From 1951 to 1953 it was extensively renovated. The Red Tower is the best preserved Seljuk building in Alanya. 



Swimming at Cleopatra Beach

Most tourists visit Cleopatra Beach to enjoy the sunshine and sea. The beaches are superb here: wide, sandy and clean. The water is also incredibly clear. The beach is 2 km west of the Alanya castle and possesses the best sand of all the Alanya beaches. 

There are also a huge number of activities. Some are free and some are not. This is a must-visit beach and the most popular beach in Alanya. 



Enjoying Lunch at Dimcayi Pinarbasi

This is the most famous restaurant in Alanya. The view from the restaurant is highly appreciated. Food quality is excellent and the service is quite good here. 



After a long, tired day traveling around the city, it is recommended that you visit here and reward yourself with a fine meal to recharge your battery. 



Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

In the wonderful weather, the gorgeous view of the sea and the castle, what is better than doing some Standup Paddleboard. The SUP is usually done around the area and you can see the whole view from the sea. This is a great chance for you to try something new and adventurous, broaden your horizons and refresh your mind with the ambient nature around. 



You can do SUP with Alanya Surf Team. It’s about $15 per person. 



This summer, let’s travel to Alanya to enjoy the summertime fantasy at this wonderland and you will not be disappointed. Obtain your Turkish visa with our e-Visa service now to make your dream come true. 


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