Kuyucak, The Breath-Taking Lavender Village in Turkey

In this summer, let’s just forget all about work and school, leave your house for a while and travel to different parts of the world or just simply visit a fairytale lavender village in order to recharge your battery with the overwhelmed scenery.



Where is the Kuyucak lavender village in Turkey?

Although whenever talking about lavender, most people will think immediately of France’s Provence, a popular tourist attraction known for its spectacular lavender fields.

But rarely do they know that in Turkey, there is also a magical lavender village, which is tucked away in the Turkish Lakes Region



This fragrant village, known as Kuyucak, is situated in Turkey’s Isparta province. This site is not frequently visited by a lot of tourist, so it is now remained wild and well preserved. So you will be given a chance to wander off the beaten track by giving a trip to this place. 


About the Kuyucak lavender village

Located in Turkey’s lakes region, Kuyucak is home to best-preserved ancient cities. At first, the village comprised of mostly roses. Now, the area is responsible for 90% of Turkey’s lavender production. 

With around 90 households, the citizens in the village make a living by flower cultivation and fishing as well as producing herbs.

With little industrialization, the site is perfectly fresh and naturally, well preserved. 



After the blossom season, lavenders will be processed into various products, such as: lavender honey, lavender tea, dried lavender, lavender soap…. 



Behold the Mind-Blowing View of Buyucak, the lavender village

While most of tourists spend most of their time visiting Cappadocia or Istanbul in Turkey, Kuyucak has attracting more and more visitors in recent years. 

Coming into this place, you will surely be charmed by the lush purple fields.



There are thousands of flowers blossoming in the middle of summer, with the blue, clear sky above and you will not want to miss the scene. 

Among the fields is a number of cobblestone streets, hundreds of mudbrick houses, and wild lavender along the street. 


The best time to visit Kuyucak lavender village

The lavender fields tend to fully blossom in July, when the whole village is filled with purple hue. During the August, the flowers will be harvested in order to be processed into different lavender-based products, as mentioned




So, the best time to visit this wonderful village is the middle of July, when you will have an opportunity to savor the beauty of the best lavender village in Turkey. 


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