Top 10 Mosques in Turkey

Being the combination of Asian and European culture, Turkey is the land with unique artistic constructions. With around 82693 mosques across the country, we will pick out the most iconic ones to help you find your ideal mosque during your journey to Turkey. 




Situated approxiamately 140 km from Istanbul, Bursa is a city with rich history. The city is the fourth most populous city in Turkey. It was the second overall capital city of the country, so that Bursa is home to a large number of cultural and historical sites, as well as large mosques. 


Grand Mosque of Bursa 

Grand Mosque of Bursa was built between 1396 and 1399 during the Ottoman Empire. The church was built in the Seljuk style and was ordered by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, who is known for having built one of the largest armies at the time. 



The mosque is composed of a large central hall, covered with twenty domes that fall on thirty piers arranged in a regular grid. 



Green Mosque

The mosque was requested by Ottoman Sultan Celebi Mehmet from 1415 to 1419. The mosque is located on the city named Green and consists of mausoleum, madrasah, cultivation and Turkis Baths.



The beautiful, deluxe green tiles covering the great part of the mosque highly symbolize the place. Because of this, this osque is also regarded as a masterpiece with its fascinating tiles. 



The Green Tomb is also a signature of this place, whose architect is skillful and the door of the mausoleum is ornamented with green tiles, rosette, rumi and geometric adornments. 




Located in the Northwest, Edirne has been the site of numberous major battles and sieges. With considerable influence from both Asia and Europe, the city is believed to be the most frequently contested spot on the globe at its time. 


Selimiye Mosque 

Being the most important and famous historical monument of Edirne- the city located in the European part of Turkey, Selimiye is another Mimar Sinan’s grand masterpieces and was built during 1569 and 1575 period. 



This Edirne’s centerpiece is also regarded as one of the highest achievement of Islamic architecture


Muradiye Mosque 

Muradiye mosque was constructed between 1583 and 1585. The mosque is famous all over the world for its exceptionally breathtaking interior design.  



Being built of sandstone, the mosque has a central dome and three half-domes covering the prayer hall. Muradiye Mosque is also home to gorgeous Iznik tiles and delicate stained glass. 




Ankara is currently the capital city of Turkey. It's a very old city with various Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman archaeological sites. 


Kocatepe Mosque

The Kocatepe Mosque is the largest mosque in Ankara – the capital of Turkey. It was built between 1967 and 1987. Because of its size, Kocatepe can be seen from almost everywhere from the center of Turkey. 



The building was in neo-classical Ottoman architecture style, combined with the modern and innovative design. This mosque can accommodate around 24000 worshippers


Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque

One of the latest and most beautiful mosque to have been built in Turkey, Ahmet Hamdi Akseki mosque was constructed from 2008 to 2013

The mosque was designed in neoclassical style, which had façade lighting to create an icon for the city of Ankara. The unique lightning effect has great impact on the architecture of the mosque, creating “moonlight effect”



The dome was homogenously lighted with RBG fixtures in order to attain the flexibility. The Ottoman influence in the architecture is believed to make the mosque absolutely perfect. 


The city is not best known for its distinctive ice cream and the production of salep, it is also famous for the mind-blowing mosques, especially Abdülhamid Han mosque.


Abdülhamid Han Mosque

The Abdülhamid Han Mosque is the fourth largest mosque in Turkey, with the capacity of 20000 people. Founded on four columns, the mosque is the symbol of the city thanks to its magnificent illumination. 



The main dome of Abdülhamid Han Mosque is bathed in soft white light surrounded by smaller domes. Especially, over the evening the light can be adjusted to change by using various lighting scenarios creating a beautiful atmosphere at night. 



Istanbul is not ony the biggest city of the country, it also has the largest number of mosques of 3113. These elegent mosques beautifully dominates the city's skyline with their Ottoman-styled structures. 


Hagia Sophia 

This is one of the must-go destinations on your site list to Turkey. Built in 537 AD at the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was famous for its massive dome. Hagia Sophia was the world’s largest building and an engineering marvel of its time.



The structure of Hagia Sophia consists of mostly masonry. Its construction is composed of brick and mortar joints. It is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is said to have changed the history of architecture. 



Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Also known as the Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed is a historic mosque located in Istanbul. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey. Hand-painted blue tiles adorn the mosque’s interior wall. 



The design of the mosque is the culmination of two centuries of Ottoman mosque development. It sits next to Hagia Sophia.



New Mosque 

The design of the New Mosque is the combination of Ottoman and Seljuk architectural style. The structure of the mosque has six minarets representing six key aspects of Islamic belief, the belief in one God, the prophets, angels, revealed books, the day of judgement and divine decree. 



Sixteen names of Allah are inscribed on the inner walls of the dome, symbolizing the number of states founded by Turks thorough history. 


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