Top Destinations of Pamukkale - Hierapolis

If you are fond of ancient ruins and natural wonders of the world, Pamukkale, also known as “Cotton Castle” is the place you should not miss. Being a UNESCO world heritage site for its snow-white terraces, this incredible city is also home to several beautiful tourist destinations. 


Travertines Terraces of Pamukkale

There are plenty of travertines in the world, but the Pamukkale’s travertines are unbelievable, with dazzling white cliffs created by calcium deposits from the area’s hot springs. The deposits grow on the slopes, gradually creating the steep blinding white, bizarre terraces. 



The best time to visit this wonderland is summertime, from June to August. But if you don’t like the scorching hot weather, you can travel in autumn as well. 

The best way for you to enjoy the place and the breath-taking view is walking (in barefoot) from the base of the calcite mountain up the cliff ridge. You may sit in the pools on the top terraces, where there is mineral-rich water, which can help you become healthier and cure particular diseases. 



You may enjoy the pool in the daylight. But this place looks even more marvelous during the sunset. Visiting this Travertines at sunset is definitely a must. The experience is unique, incredible and exceptional. 



Hierapolis City Ruins

Hierapolis is an ancient city that was founded around 190 BC and was well-known for its hot springs and currently is one of the most popular places of the area. After two earthquakes that destroyed the city, there are only a few remaining castle ruins. 



At the southern end of the city, there is a Byzantine church. From the church, if you take the eastern path, you will see the Temple of Apollo and a cave called Plutonium. 




You will also have the opportunity to visit the Martyrium of the Apostle Philip, who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. 



Hierapolis Theater

The Hierapolis Ruins also boasts a mighty theater, which is incredibly well-preserved during the reign of Roman Emperors Hadrian and Septimius Severus. 

The Hierapolis Theater’s façade is 100 meters long and has two tiers of seating, each with 26 rows. The original details are still retained and some decorative panels still survive. Last but not least, the view from the top seats is absolutely breath-taking. 



Pamukkale Antique Pool

After enjoying the ruins and exploring the terraces, it’s time to soothe yourself in hot-water pools in the Roman style. Pamukkale Antique Pool, which allows you to soak your tired muscles in the mineral-rich, 36-degree Celsius spring water, is a perfect place for you. 



The Pamukkale Antique Pool, also known as The Cleopatra Pool, is located beside the Temple of Apollo. The water is heated by geothermal activities and has minerals and champagne bubble effect. With these characteristics, Pamukkale Antique Pool is one of the greatest and most iconic pools in the world. 

The best times to visit the pool is in the mornings and evenings. 


Hierapolis Museum

It would be a miss if you do not visit the museums when traveling to any city with rich history and culture. You will find this small museum absolutely excellent. Alongside works of art from the excavations at Hierapolis are findings from Laodicea, Colossae and other towns of the Lycus Valley. The exhibits showcase some of the beautiful artistry and finds from the site, including gorgeous and intricate stone reliefs, sarcophagi, and statuary. 





If you are a history enthusiast, you should visit Hierapolis Museum as you will learn a great deal about the ancient life of this city. 


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