Top Experiences in Istanbul (Part 2)

Istanbul, Turkey is the city of rich culture. The diversity of foods and cuisines has contributed to the colorful culture of the city and the country. Here are some recommended local specialties and restaurants in Istanbul that every traveler should visit once. 




Savoring The Kebab 

Kebab is well-known globally as a Turkish specialty and eating Kebab is not unique because it is available everywhere. However, Kebab in Istanbul is a completely different experience, mainly because Istanbul is the hometown of this food and there are several Kebab restaurants around this city. 



This all-night restaurant serves a dürüm, or Turkish wrap, which is absolutely outstanding. These wraps are believed to be flavorful, because they are always served off-the-grill. 



Moreover, Dürümzade was once visited and loved by world-class chef, Anthony Bourdain.



Çiya Kebap

This restaurant is known to serve the best Ottoman food in Istanbul. You can have the chance to enjoy very delicious Asian-styled foods in this place. The Kebab is served with fresh, tender meat. 



Though Çiya Kebap is located on the street and there are always crowds waiting in line, it has the excellent service. This place deserves a try.  



Şehzade Erzurum Cağ Kebabi

It is fantastic to visit this place after taking a stroll at Grand Bazaar. The kebabs served are always juicy, full of flavor and a little bit fatty. 



The lamb meat of the dish is absolutely phenomenal, there are also warm bread going with the meal. Finally, Şehzade Erzurum Cağ Kebabi also has very good service. 




Enjoying Street Foods 

Besides Kebab, the streets of Istanbul are filled with a diversity of food vendors. These street foods are varied due to time and seasons of the year. One of the best way to truly feel the culture of the country is to walking down the city avenue and try everything on the way. 




As an ultimate Turkish street snack, simit is a ring of bread, fully covered with nut and sesame seeds. The shape of dough is similar to a regular donut. 



Regarding the flavor, simit is dense, chewy and crunchy, the taste is savory and sweet. Over the years, simit vendors have provided many other options: Nutella, white cheese, olive tapenade… to satisfy their customers. 


Freshly-made pomegranate juice 

The uniqueness of the juice lies in the fact that these glasses of pomegranate juice are made in front of the buyers’ eyes using a special tool. The juice is extracted in a few seconds and it is healthy, tasty and addicting. 

The juice is very cheap. You can buy them with only 3 Liras (1 EUR). 




These fried doughs will surely make you tinkle with excitement with their crunchiness and sweetness. Covered in syrup and sprinkled with ground pistachios, these doughs are one of the must-try street foods in Istanbul.




Known as the fish sandwiches, these cuisines are exceptionally tasty. It is impossible to ignore the appeal of the sandwich anytime you’re near the Karaköy or Eminönü shore. 



You should try these tasty sandwiches once in Istanbul, but it’s the best you buy it from the locals.



Visiting the Busy crowds at Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi (or Independence Avenue) is a 2-km pedestrian avenue and the beating heart of the 21st century of Istanbul.



This street is a crazy combination of churches, mosques, hotels, shops and restaurants. 

Everyday there are millions walking on the street so it’s super busy and you might find it very difficult to keep the conversation with your partner. 

In this Avenue, it is recommended that you get a clear view of the red tram. 



You should at least try visiting this site once in your trip to feel the overwhelming energy of the city Istanbul. 


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